Some quick thoughts

I wasn’t planning to watch the episode until the actual premier date but deadlines and stress took toll so I simply had to have a fix of brilliance.

  • The overall atmosphere of the episode was… different to say the least. I found a few parts slightly cringe-worthy but the rest was enjoyable.
  • I actually liked Korra’s personality, I was apprehensive about it before the show but I like her confidence, easy-going attitude and light-heartedness. She isn’t the no brains all muscle I though she was going to be.
  • Kataara - Watching her made me sad, she seemed quite lonely when saying goodbye to Tenzin, I guess she’s tired of saying goodbyes by now.
  • Tenzin - where do I start, absolutely glorious charater, there’s a lot more to him than the wise-old-man. He obviously gets his temper from Kataara, it was brilliant to see him get all flustered when Korra mentioned Kataara. I like him.
  • Meelo- Ah, he’s sheer beauty. Nothing else to say.
  • Just wondering if the gramophone guy is going to be the new cabbage guy.
  • I didn’t mind the technology as much as some other people did.

All in all, my reaction is a bit mixed but I’m looking forward to the rest eagerly. What about the rest of you who watched the episode, what did you make of it?

  1. keep-korra-ing answered: I agree. But can you spell the names right?
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